COVID Secure is an app developed for patients, clinicians, employers, and the government sector as a response to the exigent need for improved testing communications. The technology is designed by healthcare clinicians to securely and safely inform COVID-19 test results and offer an online platform through which to monitor symptoms.

COVID Secure affords the ability to work and travel with confidence while offering an added benefit to one's community by preventing disease transmission.

Why use the COVID Secure App?

  • Locate participating COVID-19 testing locations
    using the COVID Secure web app;
  • Keep track of your family's and your test results
    by receiving alerts and notifications;
  • Monitor daily health
    symptoms and observations;
  • Travel safely
    by using COVID Secure to complete travel declaration forms;
  • Maintain employee health
    as a business-user through the app's employer portal; and
  • Activate employer reports
    indicating employee participation on a dashboard.

COVID Secure is user-friendly and safe. The app and technology can be accessed on computers and iPhone/Android devices.

CONTACT: info@covidsecureapp.com